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Pubblicità YouTube Gaming | Gaming with 3dfx Voodoo2 SLI and Kingpin: Life of Crime Ultime News
Notizia pubblicata in data: 10.04.2021

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We've also shared in our YouTube Channel new footage - recorded with a Voodoo2 SLI 24MB (2x12MB) based gaming system - that shows off over six minutes of gameplay from single-player campaign of the videgame Kingpin: Life of Crime.

This one is a first-person shooter developed by Xatrix Entertainment and published by Interplay Entertainment in 1999 for Microsoft Windows. Later, Kingpin: Life of Crime has been succesfully ported to Linux too.

Based on the graphics engine id Tech 2, and so on the Quake II technology, Kingpin: Life of Crime brings players into a radically different scenery: a criminality world led by boss named The Kingpin.

Furthermore, this footage has been recorded running Kingpin at 1024x768 video resolution and with maxed-out graphics settings. Enjoy this video, let we know your opinion on it - leaving a like if you believe this is right to do - and, at last but not the least, follow us on the Web at Website.


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