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Pubblicità 3dfx Voodoo5 5500 mounted on PCI-Express slot and Windows 7 go live Ultime News
Notizia pubblicata in data: 14.05.2016

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3dfx hardware owners and, in general, those who are interested in 3dfx Voodoo cards know very well that these electronic components have a merely extraordinary longevity. And so, while the consumer market is ready to celebrate the success of new ideas and implementations of computing systems, like the tablets, and the GPUs leave the PCBs and integrate in CPUs (e.g. the Intel Sandy Bridge chips as well as the AMD APUs), we are here to write about new 3dfx related stories.

This new is not a new for some of our english forums members, but the latest step of Voodoo evolution after 3dfx Interactive acquisition by NVIDIA deserves a special attention by all our readers.

In fact, the 3dfx Voodoo5 5500 64MB video cards, like this following, can be succesfully connected to a x1 PCI-Express slot of a recent motherboard by a PCI Express to PCI Bus adapter, that works as a classic bridge.

Those photos, posted on our english board by 3dfx enthusiast jix-reggio, show how it's possible to use the Voodoo5 5500 cards with the modern cpus and so without bottlenecks due to processor.

The performances of this setup are drawn up to standard values, that's to those of a Voodoo5 coupled to a high performer cpu without bridge. There's a run of 3DMark 2001 benchmark by a Voodoo5 5500 card and a PCI Express to PCI Bus adapter: the score is equal to 3620 marks and results to be a "Great Score".

Of course, a 3dfx Voodoo designed for Microsoft Windows 98 Operative System, like the Voodoo5, works (very well) with more recent OSes, like Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

The well-known SFFT drivers for 3dfx video cards have opened to the Voodoo cards the doors of Windows 7. This following movie shows off a Voodoo5 5500 and PCI Express to PCI Bus adapter based configuration running on Microsoft Windows 7 32-bit OS by the latest SFFT driver release, the SFFT 1.6.

From the team of many thanks to all people that - by many ways - contribute to achieve and share these extraordinary results or, "more simply", the history of 3dfx.


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